philosophySince Mikel Landa and Alazne Ochandiano join their careers in 2,000, each one of the works they have developed has been an occasion to push forward in search of new solutions.A very personal approach guarantees the quality of the work in every step, with respect to physical, social or economic conditionings.Their architecture is thus, the consequence of a specific philosophy and the final result arises from the application of a method, a comprehensive work, tenacious and honest. 

activitySince its establishment, landa-ochandiano arquitectos have devoted a relevant part of their activity to the preservation of monumental heritage.This dedication specifies in Master Plans, intervention projects, participation in Masters, conferences, teaching, research and even managing of monumental heritage. Similarly, the advising activity in heritage, rehabilitation and wood construction is constant. They actively participate in national and international heritage conferences standing out among them all “The Meeting on the 20th Anniversary of the Nara Document on Authenticity” held in 2014 in Nara, Japan.

advisingIntervention in heritage as an exercise of architectural creativity in a pre-existence that offers opportunities as well as limitations is a demanding and gratifying working field.Knowledge of intervention techniques acquires a determinant magnitude. Our capacity to create solutions in issues related to heritage and specifically wooden architecture, has led other architecture offices and administrations to hire our services for collaborations in specific projects.Long ago recognized in the national arena, collaborations are progressively increasing internationally. 

R+D+iOne of the features that define landa-ochandiano arquitectos is the permanent dedication to research, development and innovation both in the restoration and the wood structures intervention fields.Starting with Mikel Landa’s Doctoral Thesis defended in 1997 titled “Structural behaviour of glued joints for the repair of bending wooden elements”, the workshop has progressively developed a series of solutions for the repair and the reinforcement of historic wooden structures in search of structural efficiency, respect to the pre-existence and technical and philosophical compatibility.